RX for an unhappy tummy

Yesterday I shared a recipe from Diane Sanfilipo’s balancedbites.com for bone broth. I had made a batch from chicken necks but hadn’t strained it out yet. It was just sitting in my fridge where I put it to let the schmaltz/chicken fat ( I love that word ) rise to the surface and harden so I could scrape it off. This morning my tummy is unhappy. Very unhappy. I take several medications (metformin and glimepride)  that can cause stomach/bowel upset and while I find my flare ups are a lot less when I am eating like I should it is something I will have to deal with for as long as I am taking these meds. So, after my 3rd trip down the hall a light bulb went off and I remembered my bone broth and my gummmies. There are lots of recipes for healthy gummies out there and they are all really easy to make. One of my favs is from Mommypotamus: http://www.mommypotamus.com/homemade-gummy-stars/

Pintrest…it works. Anyway,  I have found  when my tummy flare’s up that bone broth and gummies really work to tame that cranky dragon!  I am sipping my bone broth and popping a couple of gummies while I sit here and type. My oldest son loves the bone broth and his younger brother loves the gummies. They are both really simple to make, cheap and so healthy for you. As I finish up this post my innards are already feeling better. For me this process works! I hope it works for you.